Booklet with good practices

Booklet with good practicesBooklet with good practices

The Booklet will be a collection of 30 existing activities on art-based methods. Activities that are used by educators and youth workers to discuss youth policies, EU values and other European topics with youth.

This booklet was elaborated as part of “EU for YOUth” Project funded through the Erasmus + Program with the participation of six organizations from four countries located in different parts of Europe (Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Romania). Its intention is to provide an instrument for trainers, educators or youth workers who approach the topic of Euroscepticism in their work, facilitating their activity, offering methods and good practices that can be adapted to various contexts and different target groups. This way, the purpose of this Booklet is to ease and encourage educational activities, both formal and non-formal, aimed at combating Euroscepticism while relying on an interdisciplinary approach which stimulates the advancement of European values.

The Booklet is available in English and the project consortium national languages (French, Romanian, Italian, Slovak).


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